Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Life mein kabhi kabhi

This is for the first time that i am trying my hands on writing a blog.. or u may even say its for the first time i am writing down something that's going on in my mind for years..

Me being the only child never ever had a chance to talk my heart to any one not even my parents as they were really busy fighting with each other. People say only child is the most spoil brat... I am 25 years old and there has never been a time that I have a single festival, my first day at school, my birth day or our family vacations or weddings that my parents never fought. Everywhere i use to go with a sad face and yet people use to call me a happy go lucky girl...

AS every girl i had a so called dream wedding to my dream prince .. I got my Prince charming but i was too young to understand that its very rarely that our dreams come true.. like all Bollywood movies i had to fight to my parents to get me married to my prince charming.. ultimately i did convince them and got married... Its been more than 2 years that i am married but still i wonder was marriage the necessary change in my life that too when i was just 22 or it was just the easiest step to get away from all the tensions at home. All i know is that i have really loving n caring hubby . There are many If's n but's in every one's life