Friday, 22 May 2009

A Boy Or A Girl

I got this fwd mail frm one of my frd who just delivered a baby.. Its really touching..

At first you moved, only a little.
I could always find you, right in the middle.

As time went on, you really started to grow.
It wasn't a whole lot, in fact, it was rather slow.

Before I knew it, you were all over the place.
It kind of felt like, you were running a race.

People would ask me, if, you were a boy or a girl.
I would sit and wonder, if, you would have curls.

There are so many things, I really want to know.
But, you are hidden inside, so the answers don't show.

How much will you weigh? How tall will you be?
What color is your hair? Will you even like me?

I hope and pray, you feel like you belong.
I never want you to feel, like you are alone.

I planned you from the start.
You, my dear child, were made straight from my heart.

There will be no one like you, not any place in the world.
It really doesn't matter, if you are a boy or a girl.

I hope I make you proud, that I am your mother everyday.
Because, you have filled my dreams, in more ways, than words can say.

It won't be long before, I can look you in the eyes.
I can feel the excitement growing, I know I'm going to cry.

Don't worry my angel, those tears will be of joy.
It won't matter to me, if you are a girl or a boy.
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Monday, 11 May 2009

Bonjour Paris..!

I am very very happy today.... We had been to French embassy today for our Schengen Visa... It was total surprise... We were expecting a rejection as we did not have letter from employer... but that officer was kind enough to give us Visa.
I am like up above flying some where in the sky. Its been almost two years that we went for holiday.. Thanks to my hubby dear.. He made it possible.. Got our hotel and euro star bookings.. Thanks to
We are going on 23rd May .. I wish I could just forward time and land in Paris tom.. Now the most difficult thing.. Packing... As usual I don't have clothes that fit me and my travel plans.. so from tomm shopping time.. :-) Now I have official reason to shop..
Fun time ahead.. Will update about my trip laterzzzzzz ;-)

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ramayana best explained

A young second generation Indian in the US was asked by his mother to explain
the significance of 'Diwali' to his younger brother, this is how he went
about it...
'So, like this dude had, like, a big cool kingdom and people liked him. But,
like, his step-mom, or something, was kinda b*tch, and she forced her husband
to, like, send this cool-dude, he was Ram, to some national forest or
something... Since he was going, for like, something like more than 10 years
or so.. he decided to get his chick(Sita) and his bro(Laxman) along... you that they could all chill out together.
But Dude, the forest was reeeeal scary sh*t... really man...they had monkeys
and devils and sh*t like that. But this dude, Ram, kicked with darts and bows
and arrows... so it was fine.
But then some bad gangsta boys, some jerk called Ravan, picks up his babe
(Sita) and lures her away to his hood. And boy, was our man, and also his
bro, Laxman, pissed..... all the gods were with him... So anyways, you don't
mess with gods. So, Ram, and his bro get an army of monkeys.Dude, don't ask
me how they trained the damn monkeys... just go along with me, he was
like..., Ram, Lax and their monkeys whip this gangsta's ass in his own hood.
Anyways, by this time, their time's up in the forest..and gets
kinda boring,you know... no TV or malls or sh*t like that. So,they decided to
hitch a ride back home...and when the people realize that our dude, his bro
and the wife are back home... they thought, well, you know, at least they
deserve something nice... and they didn't have any bars or clubs in those
days... so they couldn't take them out for a drink, so they, like, decided to
smoke and sh*t...and since they also had some lamps, they lit the lamps
also... so it was pretty coooooooooool know with all those
fireworks n stuff...

Really, they even had some local band play along with the fireworks... and
you know, what, dude, that was the very first, no kidding.., that was the
very first music-synchronized fireworks... you know, like the 4th of July
stuff, but just, more cooler and stuff, you know. And, so dude, that was how,
like, this festival started.'
And the Mother fainted...

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