Monday, 11 May 2009

Bonjour Paris..!

I am very very happy today.... We had been to French embassy today for our Schengen Visa... It was total surprise... We were expecting a rejection as we did not have letter from employer... but that officer was kind enough to give us Visa.
I am like up above flying some where in the sky. Its been almost two years that we went for holiday.. Thanks to my hubby dear.. He made it possible.. Got our hotel and euro star bookings.. Thanks to
We are going on 23rd May .. I wish I could just forward time and land in Paris tom.. Now the most difficult thing.. Packing... As usual I don't have clothes that fit me and my travel plans.. so from tomm shopping time.. :-) Now I have official reason to shop..
Fun time ahead.. Will update about my trip laterzzzzzz ;-)

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