Monday, 23 March 2009

One sunny weekend

First sunny weekend after long winter. It was just beautiful morning on sat, so we decided to go somewhere for one day.. After thinking and discussing for a long time we decided to go to Greenwich Park.
To start with.. We went to station n we got to know that DLR and Tube is closed near Greenwich Park. So we decided to take a bus to North Greenwich n change other bus for Greenwich. It took us like 1 and a half hour to reach there.
As usual, as soon as we got down from the bus hubby dear wanted to eat something so we started looking for sub way. On our way to sub I saw local weekend market and convinced my hubby to go there it was just lovely to see fresh food market and antique goods market.. At the end of the market I saw Ben n Jerry's so did jump on the opportunity to have ice cream I did wait for 4 long months to have one. Hubby dear say big no for ice cream in winters.. Finally we reached sub way and had veggie patty foot long and gulped it with my fav fanta.. ;-) yeah i know its kids drink but i love fanta... hhaha its funny na..
Then we went to Greenwich pier it was so very beautiful to see most amazing view of Thames with Canary Wharf at the back... We saw the Greenwich university royal naval college and walked to Greenwich park and saw the GMT clock... It was up on a hill. But worth going up... Just amazing view of London from the hill top.. Me n hubby dear did sit there for a long time talking about the time when we use to date.. good old memories..
We came home around 8 in the night but we both were so happy .. it was just me n hubby no phone , no mall n no cigg... yeah he smokes a lot.. I am trying to convince him not to smoke..

Hope you guys had a wonderfull weekend as I did. Hey forgot to tell you guys on sun we had been to our frds place for lunch it was fun.. we played cricket in there back yard... Cricket in London it was fun..!

OK got to go.. Mon's busy with house cleaning n all the other stuff... have nice day.. happy blogging

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raindrops said...

Thanks for giving us a feel of a sunny day after winter in London... :)