Friday, 24 April 2009

Happy Birthday Sachin..!

Today morning I saw on TV our very own master blaster ... Sachin Tendulkar's face covered with Cake.. surrounded by his India teammates as well other players participating in the IPL in South Africa. He truly is a legend..
He was saying he started playing for India when he was 16 and today he is 36 .. its like 20 years of good cricket.His only regret has been the inability to take India to a world cup victory.
I just love him... I think its really hard for a player to always be nothing but the best...I think Sachin has played exceptionally well most of the time..

I would really like to wish him a gr8 birthday and wonderful life ahead with lots of centuries, Sixes and trophies for India.
To all IPL fans.. Mumbai Indians.. Jindabad... :-)


ARUNA said...

wow he is 36 already!!!!!

Pooja said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Koolkap..Yeah he is the best player Koolkap..