Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Is shopping crime..!

Yesterday I went for shopping after guess one or one and 1/2 year.. I know u might think how is that possible..? I use to but things but only if needed.. But yesterday I was in a mood to shop anything n everything like..
I am fond of different types of footwear .. u can call me crazy , freak or obsessed...yeah I love them .. I am just over possessive about them. Yesterday was totally my kind of day shopping and then a sub way sandwich and chocolate waffle .
After all the shopping n fun time I had .. I decided to call my hubby dear to tell him that I have spend good £50 on shopping.. I was really really happy .. The same feeling u get when u eat ur most fav food...
But after that ph call I just felt like going back to the shop and returning all the things I just bought 15 min back. You will ask why what happened..? I was happy like a baby and told hubby "I just spend 50 pounds.. I did lots of shopping.." And he simply replied.. "Don't u think u have gone over the board.." My smile turned into a guilt of spending hubby's hard earned money into something he thinks is waste n of no use.. Then i said "I have bought a hand bag for ur mum ..." He said "oh ok..." I said " now its ok for you because I have brought for ur mum , If I buy something for my pleasure( which even he knows I do almost never ) is spending too much" . I just switched off my ph.. I was so very depressed and felt like crying like a baby..( I know am just to emotional)I was sitting on a bench near oxford street.. Listening to on of my fav song... "tujhe dekh dekh sona.." .. Thinking what wrong have I done.
I just wanted to go back and return all the things.. But then I thought over it and I decided to go home with all the things.. I didn't not switch my ph "on" till evening.When hubby came home , he was trying to cheer me up but I was just too upset.. Usually even if I buy new room freshener or as stupid thing as fresh fruits .. I show it to him .. but yesterday I didn't.. He asked me show me what all did u buy.. I simply replied no point seeing them as I am gonna return them..
I guess he was really feeling bad.. I was in the kitchen making coffee for him. He came and hugged me and said I am sorry .. I shouldn't have said that.. But I just felt.. Its so easy to say it ...
After all the crying and him apologizing.. I showed him all the shopping I did for his parents and sis as i am going to India next month.. He felt so guilty .. because I didn't buy a single thing for my self.. I was just trying to see his reaction... Is shopping really a crime...!


raindrops said...

Got an idea about the koolcap and her loving hubby! It was nice :)

KoolKap said...

Thanks Raindrops.... its like Hum Tum story with us... :-)